Client Services

〓 Notes on recollection

We offer collection services from all HK industrial and office areas. However, collection of cartridges in subways can be done strictly by appointment only. If you are located in other areas (eg. South East Asia, Europe and America), you can deliver the cartridges to us via cargo or mail. Details please see below:

1. Please attach the delivery quantity, model, brand and your contact information. You can send it to us by fax or email.

2. All possible recycled models, brands and pictures are listed in our website. The collection price is based on the quotation provided on our website. Subsequently, you can also fax your enquiries to us.

3. Please choose a reliable and efficient freight company which provides professional express delivery services or mail express services if cartridges are delivered in large amounts.

〓 Technology Support 
1. A Long line paralleling the paper side
It might be due to insufficient carbon powder in the drum. You can take the drum kit and shake it right and left, and place it back to the printer. If there is still a white line, you need to replace the drum kit. If the problem still exists, please contact the repairing center.

2. How to handle the paper jam.
Paper jam is normal. Smoothing the paper sides while placing the paper and seizing the paper's sides will greatly reduce the chances of paper jam. When paper jam occurs, do not get nervous. First, open the printer cover, carefully remove the drum, pull up the green switch on the left, which will widen the space between the paper rollers, then pull out the paper slowly. Be careful not to break the paper or it will be more difficult to pull out the paper. Do not use pointed device to pull out the paper as it will damage the printer. When there is paper jam, some carbon powder will scatter in the printer and the carbon will smudge on the printed paper.


3. Cleaning the paper path
If there is dirt in the paper path, the printing might become messy. To clean the paper path, open the cover and take out the drum kit. Clean the roller and drum box with a clean, soft and wet cloth to clear away the paper shavings and the dust. Please note that organic solvent cannot be used as it may damage the printer.

4. Other printing problems.

If you have other problems, please print a test paper to see if the printer has the problem. If there are still printing problems, please check if the surface of the drum is good. Change the drum kit and print the test page. If the problem still exits, please make sure if the software has a problem (if it needs reinstalling of driver, resetting or the application program.) If the problem still persists, please call the repairing center.


5. Notice on using the carbon powder.
1. Environment: 10-35 degrees centigrade, 20-80% humidity.
2. Printing media: Do not use distorted, broken, wet and thick printing media. Shake even the carbon powder and place still for a short while before using.


Knowledge on using environment-protection drum kit

1. The poor quality carbon powder will agglomerate if its placed long in humid and temperature-changing environment. This will harm the drum cartridge, affecting the printing quality and shorten the carbon cartridges life.

2. The printer heats up the carbon powder by the fixation roller and melt the carbon powder to print on the paper. Printers' heating temperature varies. The carbon powder which has wider melting range matches well with different fixation roller and can print good images with different printers.

3. The printing quality of the carbon powder with narrow melting temperature is unstable. When the carbon powder's melting point is higher than the fixation roller's temperature, the powder does not melt enough to penetrate the paper's fiber. The picture cannot be fixed well on the paper. When the powder's melting point is lower than the fixation roller's temperature, the powder will over-heat and stick onto the roller and dirty the paper.

= Recollection Instruction

Based on bilateral benefits and the principles of reducing the environment and saving energy, we purchase used drum kits, powder cartridges and ink cartridges all around the country. Details please read below

1. Drum kit (powder cartridge)
Class A: first used, original packing and the drum core is in good condition and the outlook has no obvious scratching
Class B: the drum kits which was refilled with carbon powder. Its price is usually cheaper.
2. Ink Cartridge
Class A: the original packing. Good outlook and the inkjet can work.
Class B: the refilled ink cartridge or the broken ink cartridge of the original packing. 


3. All the models that we buy are listed in our website. Please be careful with the unlisted models.

4. We do not collect all EPSON ink cartridges. We collect EPSON’s used drum kits and powder cartridge.


5. Usually the drum kit for the copier is unrecyclable. We buy back Canon E-16.


6. For hot-selling products, we have good quotation for large amounts. For actual price please refer to our real quotation.