About Us

TTDC printing network is a complex website dealing with PC printer and other related products. The website includes latest recycling information, new products introduction, links to other big printing websites, printing tips and frequent asked questions. The website also includes members trading zone, environment protection information, drum cartridge and ink cartridge recycling.

Trust Trading Development Company Introduction :
Trust Trading Development Company is establish in 2002. Our core business is recycling those used empty printer cartridges(toners) and inkjets cartridges, thus protecting the environment.

Trust printing & Technology Company Introduction :

Trust printing & Technology Company is establish in 2005 .deals mainly with printers of various major brands and other related products in the market. We carry original stocks, environmentally friendly products like new toners, inkjet cartridges, ribbon photo papers, etc.

We provide efficient services in-addition to trouble shooting for our products.

All enquiries are welcome!